Spotlight on Frank Session and ‘The Nitty Way’

Frank Nitty Session at Drew League

The Unexpected Journey to Becoming Drew League Legend Frank ‘Nitty’ Session Being a basketball player was never the plan. As for being a basketball star? Nothing could have been further from Frank Session’s mind while growing up. No, he set his sights on making a name for himself in a completely different world. “I was […]

Why Your Team Needs a Custom Slipp-Nott

Elevate Your Team’s Performance in Style Promote your team brand and gain instant recognition with a custom Slipp-Nott traction set featuring your logo! What’s more, a custom Slipp-Nott can be designed to look EXACTLY the way YOU want them. It’s this flexibility that makes our customs special because all artwork is carefully designed and approved […]

Back-to-Back: Slipp-Nott vs the Competition

Quality traction base

How Does a Slipp-Nott Traction Base Stack Up Against a Competing Brand? We make our traction bases with quality materials & attention to detail, providing the best traction-enhancing and injury-prevention system for indoor court sports like basketball and volleyball. We’re always curious to see what the competition is up to, so when we heard a […]

Why Slipp-Nott Custom Traction Bases Are Worth the Price

Custom Slipp-Nott Traction-Base with Team Logo

Only Slipp-Nott Offers Exact Color Matching & High-Resolution Printing of Your Sports Team Logo on a Custom Traction Base! Ever wondered why a Slipp-Nott custom traction base costs more than others? The answer is simple: Ours is the ONLY TRUE customized sports traction base with exact color matching and high-grade, edge-to-edge or “bleed” printing of […]

March Madness isn’t all on the courts, check out these fans and teammates in basketball

Welcome to March and the craziness that is March Madness. This year has been no exception, most of the high ranking teams were bumped off in the first few rounds, ruining brackets and breaking hearts all over America. Did anyone really expect Duke to fall in the first two rounds? Miami followed, knocking out the […]

The Great Side of a Sports Fan.

We saw the examples of fans who behaved badly, disrupting  both other fans and players time at the game, and making jerks out of themselves. They are the people we can all do without. However most fans are great, and some even bring a new excitement and joy to the game for us all. We see […]

Fans Behaving Badly

Fans are a vital part of sports. The teams thrive on the energy of the cheers, the enthusiasm shown on a play, and even the sometimes  bizarre, funny jokesters on the sidelines. We only have to look back to the baseball game in Baltimore to remember that fans make the games for the players. But what about […]