Step on a Slipp-NottĀ® & Stop Slipping!

What is a Sports Traction System & How Does it Work?

Slipp-Nott, the original sports traction mat, consists of a base and a mat of replaceable, adhesive sheets. When stepped on, dirt sticks to the mat, instantly cleaning the soles of athletic shoes.

Why are clean soles important to athletes?

The answer is traction! Wax or dirt buildup means less grip and more slips, cutting performance and control on the court.

Pro NBA Basketball Players During a Game


Traction for Fast Starts & Stops on Smooth Indoor Floors

Slipp-Nott is the original and preferred sports traction system for professional athletes who rely on our premium mats to lift dirt and dust buildup from athletic shoe soles to get good, consistent traction for top performance and safety. Look for our products used at most televised basketball games!

For all sports on indoor courts

Our time-proven products are great for any sport played on hardwood or waxed floors including basketball, volleyball, handball, indoor soccer, floorball (unihockey), squash, badminton, table tennis, aerobics, fitness and fencing.

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