Over the past eight years or so, several companies have popped up giving their traction mats away in an effort to garner support from our customers. One company sent a free sample to every NBA team. Most of them have fallen by the wayside, but there are always those that linger with the promise of […]

Dont hate/love the Gazette: “…This mat basically “gives you better traction on slippery, dusty floors.” It seriously felt the shoe was brand new and the floor had just been swept and mopped….”

We’ve been using the same basic box design for the small sets for about 7 years or so. In an effort to be a little greener and use less tape, we have been working on a new box design since about November of 2009. While the boxing is supposed to get the product to you […]

Have you ever caught a glimpse of a Custom Slipp-Nott set donning any of these logos? NBA, University, High School, Fencing Clubs, Fitness Centers or AAU team Sponsors such a Powerade, Adidas, ESPN… Ever wonder why those teams get a Custom Slipp-Nott set? Teams purchase custom sets for many different reasons. Some reasons are obvious […]

Have you ever wondered how and why new floors go from shiny and clean to dull and rough?  Well, take a look below and imagine what kind of damage those little bits of gravel, rocks and glass would do to a new car’s painted finish if you were to run, stop, change directions and start […]

Better traction is what you get when you use clean shoes soles on relatively clean floors. While you may not always be able to exercise any direct control on the floor maintenance/cleaning schedule, teams can still influence how much traction their athlete’s shoes provide them. Take an active role in how clean the athlete’s shoe soles are throughout the game by using Slipp-Nott traction mats.