The Original Sports Traction System

cleaning basketball shoes on Slipp-Nott traction mat

Who We Are

Slipp-Nott® Corp., the Standard in Indoor Sports Traction

We design, manufacture and market the time-proven advanced traction systems for sports played on hardwood or wax floors including basketball, volleyball, handball, indoor soccer, floorball (unihockey), squash, badminton, table tennis, aerobics, fitness and fencing. Slipp-Nott increases safety and performance of any athlete needing traction on smooth indoor floors.

No More Wiping Your Soles!

Step on a Slipp-Nott and remove dust, dirt and wax buildup from athletic shoe soles in one quick action. Thanks to our premium design, no other sports traction mat cleans better!

Slipp-Nott, the traction mat that started it all, is used by professional, college, and high school basketball teams. One step is all it takes to improve traction, increase safety, confidence and maneuverability for your entire team!

For over three decades, Slipp-Nott has set the world standard for indoor traction. There’s a reason why you’ll see our products used at more televised basketball games than any of our competitors.

Traction mats aren’t just for basketball

Fencing clubs, volleyball teams, dance teams, martial arts and theaters also use Slipp-Nott to help with traction.

Our goal is to continuously research and develop new products for the sports industry, helping athletes take their performance to the next level and gain the winning edge.

Other Slipp-Nott Products

In addition to the Slipp-Nott Sports Traction System, we’ve developed these hypo-allergenic formulas for sports in the water, arenas and outdoors:

    • S-N Gripp “liquid chalk” enhances grip and reduce palm perspiration with a non-tacky, non-sticky formula. Perfect for golf, gymnastics, swimming, tennis, baseball, weightlifting, mountain or rock climbing, and bowling.
    • H2Off swimmers rubdown lotion increases speed and reduces drag. Apply our specially formulated, non-oily rubdown lotion before jumping in the water and watch water jump off! No other products comes close and neither will other swimmers! What’s more, H2Off is hypo-allergenic and won’t block your pores.

Milestones at Slipp-Nott®

    • 1987: Slipp-Nott invented the Sports Traction product category!
    • Slipp-Nott has been supplying the NCAA Basketball Championships since 1994!
    • 2018-2019 Season:  Slipp-Nott is being used by 26 out 30 of the NBA teams.
    • 2019 Season:  Slipp-Nott is used at NCAA post-season tournament for the 25th year in a row!
    • Slipp-Nott traction mats are used by 22 of the TOP 25 NCAA Basketball teams, as of the 2019 Season!
    • May 14 2019:  Global Volleyball Net Sales Market 2019 lists Slipp-Nott as one of the Top 10 accessories
    • Slipp-Nott Custom logo sets produced for SoCon,Mountain West,Big Sky, Big 10, CAA MAAC, MAC, and Big 12 Conference Finals! 2019 Season
    • 1996: Slipp-Nott was used in Disney movie “Eddie” starring Whoopie Goldberg
    • 2019 Season: Slipp-Nott has provided traction systems for players in Canada, Mexico, Spain, Australia,England,Russia, Israel and South Korea, as well as many other players worldwide.
    • Slipp-Nott is used by 9 of 10 PAC 10 schools!
    • Every NBA World Champions from the time Slipp-Nott was invented, 30 years, have used Slipp-Nott.
    • 2015:  Ralph Lawler, the voice of the LA Clippers, received his own Hollywood Walk of Fame Star Slipp-Nott.