The Great Side of a Sports Fan.

We saw the examples of fans who behaved badly, disrupting  both other fans and players time at the game, and making jerks out of themselves. They are the people we can all do without.

However most fans are great, and some even bring a new excitement and joy to the game for us all. We see a child excited about being at their first game, seeing their idol or even just being shown on the Jumbotron.

Some young fans cherish the souvenirs of a game, a baseball from a foul, a extra hockey puck or a shirt tossed into the crowd as a promotion. When you see a fan so excited about a sport it help remind us all about relaxing and enjoying the game, even if we do engage in a little good natured trash talking with the opposing teams fans.

Maybe even seeing a young fan sharing a ball with a younger kid who didn’t catch it, boosting up a small friend to a get a better view or even expressing love and admiration to a player reminds us that it is a game, a game we came to enjoy and relax. Maybe when you see the generosity of a small fan to another, fighting for a parking space seems a little juvenile.

So take a moment to be a kid again and just enjoy the game.