In a perfect world packages arrive at their destination on time, however we don’t live in a perfect world. This is where Slipp Nott’s customer service can come into play. Our commitment to getting your order to you promptly sometimes has us going above and beyond the normal shipping methods. Recently a high school boy’s […]

First off, we would like to thank all the loyal Slipp-Nott clients who have purchased and continue to purchase the Slipp-Nott traction system to help them with their traction and safety needs. We would also like to thank Duane Wade and Mission Athletecare for helping us point just how easy our product is to use. […]

At Slipp-Nott we strive to get things “just right”! Even though customs can be ordered in a large numbers (for the entire NCAA second season for example). They can also simply be ordered single unit. When they are ordered in smaller quantities, they are: printed on one of our in-house large format printers inspected for […]

In the past long standing relationships with certain conferences has afforded us the designation of “Official Traction Mat of the …………”. During the month of February, we are making the opportunity to designate Slipp-Nott as their “Official Traction Mat” available to select ALL conferences/organizations: with more than 10 member institutions and that plan to purchase […]

most people working for companies … think that customers service issues are merely a nuisance to be gotten rid of. Unfortunately, it seems as though the supervisors and administrators of these companies don’t know any better, so when there’s trouble, they run and hide as well.

Dear Clients, Please be aware that we will be unable to produce any Slipp-Nott Custom bases until October 11th, 2010. Please order and expect your orders accordingly. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Sincerely, S-N Art

…everyone loves to win. How much would you pay someone to teach your children these things? What do you think that would be worth? Would you prefer to have a perfect season if the cost was having your son or your friend’s daughter, cousin or anyone’s child just warming the bench and being a spectator for the entire season?