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Spotlight on Frank Session and ‘The Nitty Way’

Frank Nitty Session at Drew League

The Unexpected Journey to Becoming Drew League Legend Frank ‘Nitty’ Session Being a basketball player was never the plan. As for being a basketball star? Nothing could have been further from Frank Session’s mind while growing up. No, he set his sights on making a name for himself in a completely different world. “I was […]

Why Your Team Needs a Custom Slipp-Nott

Elevate Your Team’s Performance in Style Promote your team brand and gain instant recognition with a custom Slipp-Nott traction set featuring your logo! What’s more, a custom Slipp-Nott can be designed to look EXACTLY the way YOU want them. It’s this flexibility that makes our customs special because all artwork is carefully designed and approved […]

Back-to-Back: Slipp-Nott vs the Competition

Quality traction base

How Does a Slipp-Nott Traction Base Stack Up Against a Competing Brand? We make our traction bases with quality materials & attention to detail, providing the best traction-enhancing and injury-prevention system for indoor court sports like basketball and volleyball. We’re always curious to see what the competition is up to, so when we heard a […]

Why Slipp-Nott Custom Traction Bases Are Worth the Price

Custom Slipp-Nott Traction-Base with Team Logo

Only Slipp-Nott Offers Exact Color Matching & High-Resolution Printing of Your Sports Team Logo on a Custom Traction Base! Ever wondered why a Slipp-Nott custom traction base costs more than others? The answer is simple: Ours is the ONLY TRUE customized sports traction base with exact color matching and high-grade, edge-to-edge or “bleed” printing of […]