Time Limited “Official Traction Mat” Program

In the past long standing relationships with certain conferences has afforded us the designation of “Official Traction Mat of the …………”. During the month of February, we are making the opportunity to designate Slipp-Nott as their “Official Traction Mat” available to select ALL conferences/organizations:

  • with more than 10 member institutions and
  • that plan to purchase replacement mats from us on an annual basis

Specifically, the program benefits would be:

  • Two free 75 sheet replacement mats per year (assuming you use the previous year’s custom bases).*
  • Should the conference/organization require new custom sets, their inclusion in this new program would allow them to BOGO (buy one get one) free for the duration of the endorsement (typically 3-5 yrs).*
  • Conference/member schools (teams) would be entitled to 20% off the then current price for Custom Sets until for the duration of the endorsement.

In return, Slipp-Nott will be designated the “Official Traction Mat of the ________ ” for the next _ years.

  • Orders must be placed a minimum of 2 weeks prior to their “need by” date.
  • To qualify for their discounts member organizations must identify themselves as being part the organization for us to apply their Official Traction Mat discount upon placing their order for a custom base.

The motivation behind this new “Official Traction Mat” campaign is the same as it is for many campaigns, for potential customers to find out more about us and the teams/organizations that use our products. Being officially recognized by the organization itself, would entail the press releases required to formally announce the partnership and for them to post our logo on their website with that designation. Slipp-Nott will in turn place the conference logo on our website.

  • That’s it in a nutshell! If your organization would be interested in such an arrangement, please let us know.
  • We are presently the Official Traction Mat of the PAC10, WCC, Conference USA, Southland, Sunbelt, MAC, Mountain West, Big 10 and the WAC.
  • Good luck to everyone with their “Second Seasons”!

    *Customer is still responsible for shipping charges.