Slipp-Nott Corp. stands by our athletic performance-enhancing products. From sticky adhesive basketball mats to liquid chalk


The traction system that started it all, is the BEST and proven system used by professional, college and high school basketball teams to remove dust, dirt and wax build-up from athletic shoe soles with one quick action. No more need to wipe the soles of your shoes. Just step on a Slipp-Nott mat and increase safety, confidence and maneuverability for you entire team. Shop for Slipp-Nott® Traction Sets

S-N Gripp

The innovative solution that eliminates the adverse affects of palm perspiration, while enhancing your grip and repelling water and moisture. Working like a hypo-allergenic “liquid chalk,” S-N Gripp is perfect for sports like golf, gymnastics, bowling, weightlifting, mountain/rock climbing. Non-sticky and non-tacky, this environmentally friendly formula can be easily applied under gloves. Buy S-N Gripp


A revolutionary non-oily rubdown lotion for water sports. Apply H2Off and watch water jump off! No other product comes close, and neither will other swimmers. What’s more, this hypo-allergenic lotion won’t irritate your skin or block pores. Buy H2OFF