The Washington Post

“…The players step onto a Slipp-Nott and dirt clings to the adhesive surface without leaving any sticky substance on the players’ shoes. When the top sheet becomes soiled it can be stripped away to expose a clean one…” read the article.

Basketball Highway

“…There are tons of products on the market which work almost as they are designed. This is one quality product that works exactly as designed…” read the article.

Power Basketball

“…Slipp-Nott has nothing to worry about when it comes right down to it. Their outstanding mat base quality, handling of customers, and ease of customization of mats are exemplary. I would rate Slipp-Nott 10 out of 10, if we actually ranked products…” read the article.

“We have been using SlippNott traction pads with our travel basketball team and the other teams we play say we are leaving them at a disadvantage and it is not fair. That is how well they work. Thank you for helping my teams keep their grip.”

Keith Gold, Travel Basketball Coach, Tenafly NJ

“It (Slipp-Nott) gives your players the assitance and confidence to play hard without fear of injury. I would recommend it to any coach who wants a compettiive edge”

Seth Greenberg, Head Coach Virgina Tech

“As in all sports, something will only be used if it helps your team win!
Slipp-Nott does that for us.”

Gary Briggs, ATC, LAT
Head Athletic Trainer
Cleveland Cavaliers

“…I just wanted to take the time to tell you that we have received our Slipp-Nott base & TM sheets and have been using them for our past few games. It is a pleasure to use a product that meets the claims and our expectations…Thank you again for your personal generosity and time in helping our kids.”

Joseph d’Afflisio
Athletic Director
Calvary Academy
Lakewood NJ

“Brigham Young University has been using Slipp-Nott’s product number LS-60 for several years and it has proven to be a superior product for our basketball and volleyball programs. The large size and quality make this a “must use” product.”

Tom Chapman, C.P.M

“Thanks for all your help today. Your web site looks great and is very informative and user friendly and made it easier to place my order. Thanks,”

Vinny Turco
University of Rhode Island

” Slipp Nott allows our players needed traction to maintain balance and positioning to compete at the highest level (12/18/06) ”

Ed Baldwin
Director of Operations
Ohio State Women’s Basketball

” I can’t NOT say enough about you guys. I had panicked thinking that we had to order the replacement mats at least a week out and with our tournament this week, we had to do a quick turnaround. Thanks a million for helping get this worked out. We will definitely be using you guys in the future. Thanks! (02/27/06) ”

Mandi Copeland
Director of Media Services
The Southern Conference

” Thank you so much for your help. You truly believe in customer satisfaction. you have been great! (01/24/07) ”

Joe Gaba
Head Girls Basketball Coach
Chatham High School

” Just to let you know. I received the slipp-nott and I absolutely love it. It looks so great. I will never stray from your product again. Thank you for the prompt, professional product and for your great help. I will be sure to promote your product. (10/02/05) ”

Cindy McCoy