Instantly clean soles for superior traction on the court

For fast and precise maneuvers, athletes rely on footwear with good traction.

But when shoes pick up dust and wax off smooth gym floors, soles lose their grip, increasing the risk of slips and injury. 


Dirt Sticks to the Mat

Instantly remove dirt buildup with Slipp-Nott. One step is all it takes to improve shoe grip, safety, and performance for your entire team!

Used by more NBA and NCAA teams than any other brand, the Slipp-Nott Traction System consists of a sturdy base and a mat of adhesive sheets.


Slipp-Nott’s premium-grade sheets peel off easily and quickly, so you can concentrate on getting back in the game.

Not Just for Basketball

Also great for volleyball, racquetball, fencing, badminton, or any sport played on indoor courts. 

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